How Flower Essence remedies can help you and your dog

Flower Essences are gentle remedies made from the energy or vibration of a flower, plant, or tree. All living things have specific energetic qualities, just as each of us is unique. These remedies can help us heal a part of ourselves, generally an emotional aspect, so that we may live more fully and without limits. Flower Essences are spirit guides that speak to our souls and gently direct us where we want to go.

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

What you need to know about Canine Cognitive Dysfunction in senior dogs By Alexandra Bennett Is your senior dog starting to show signs of cognitive

Fermenting Veggies for Dogs

Fermented veggies are full of great benefits for your dog. You’ve probably heard of the benefits of eating fermented foods for yourself, but did you

Canine Enrichment

What is Canine Enrichment? Canine enrichment activity is a vital tool that enhances the happiness, health and vitality of your dog. We all know how

Judgement Free Zone: Your Pet Family Size

Has anyone ever criticized your pet family size or how many pets are in your home? This can go both ways; people can pass judgement if they feel you have too many, or too few. This is generally just a projection of what they feel is right for them. Everyone has their own ideals, and all too often, people think what is right for them is right for everyone. Well, it’s not.

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The Importance of Sniff

Your dog’s nose is an amazing sensory organ and sniffing is vitally important to your dog’s ability to gather information about his environment. When you

Fear Free Veterinary Visits

Does your dog drag his paws when going to veterinarian’s office? Does the word  “vet cause your dog to cower and tremble? Have you started