Surviving the Terrible Twos and Teenage Years

Puppies are adorable while young and vulnerable, so cuddly and cute. Once they begin to grow, they are eager to push boundaries and explore the big wide world. If you think in terms of dog years, many puppies start to become restless or bored at around 4 months old – or the equivalent of the terrible twos.  They may become rambunctious, vocal, destructive or curious, digging to escape a fenced yard or dashing through an open doorway. As with toddlers, this transitional phase of physical growth and cognitive development continues into doggy adolescence. If you already have teenagers in your home, you know that relationships at this stage can certainly be a challenge!

Often, a pet owner will become frustrated.  This is where a trusted dog care professional can be an invaluable resource for guidance and puppy training. We, at Raising K9, know that this is the perfect time for training, where the pup is learning so quickly. Under our supervision pets benefit from increased engagement and playtime, socialization, and training. Raising K-9, is specially engineered to create the ideal conditions for canine fun – and dogs love it!

We’ve got a special class, designed specifically for this period in your dogs life:

Puppy Kindergarten (For puppies under 6 months of age)

  • Puppy manners, walking nicely on a leash, play biting, excessive barking, and socialization.
  • 4 weeks (5 days/ week); includes daycare

In addition, we offer private lessons. Give me a call at 410.868.2275. I’ll be happy to reserve your space in the next training session.

To survive this trying period and work through the developmental timeline, a dog owner should maintain their patience, positive attitude, and sense of humor, then pair this with obedience lessons, play & exercise. An appropriate diet for your pet is important too. Rest assured, this period, as with teenagers, is only temporary. There is sanity on the other side – and a lifelong companion that you will cherish for many years!

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