Dog Day Training Program

No time to train? Let us do the hard work. Daycare included! Excellent program for dogs that have very minor behavior issues or simply need a solid skill foundation.

3 week training program (5 days a week) that includes daycare and 3 private training sessions.

Dogs Will Learn:

  • Walking on a loose leash
  • Auto sit
  • Down by the side
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Intro to place

Dog Training Columbia MD - Day Training Program

No time to train? Let our premier dog training program in Columbia, MD do the hard work for you. Our Day Training  Program offers a convenient solution for busy dog owners. With  daycare included, it’s an excellent choice for dogs that have very  minor behavior issues or simply need a solid skill foundation. Our comprehensive 3-week dog training program runs 5 days  a week, providing consistent and effective training. Not only that,  but we also include 3 private training sessions to address  specific concerns and individualize the training to your dog’s  needs.

Dogs Will Learn:

  • Walking on a loose leash
  • Auto sit
  • Down by the side
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Intro to place

During our Day Training Program

your dogs will master a variety of essential skills, including:

1. Walking on a Loose Leash

Say goodbye to leash pulling with  our expert leash training techniques.

2. Auto Sit:

Teaching your dog to sit automatically when you stop,  ensuring better control in various situations.

3. Down by the Side:

Encourage calm behavior with this useful command that promotes relaxation.

4. Stay:

Master the art of stay, enhancing your dog’s obedience and focus.

5. Come:

Build a strong recall response, so your dog comes to you reliably when called.

6. Introduction to Place:

Familiarize your dog with designated spots for relaxation or waiting.

Our certified trainer is dedicated to helping your furry friend  become a well-behaved and happy companion. We use positive  reinforcement methods, ensuring a reward-based training  approach that fosters a strong bond between you and your dog.

Experience the benefits of our dog training program in  Columbia, MD, as your dog develops essential skills in a safe  and enjoyable environment. Whether you need assistance with  basic obedience or addressing specific behavioral concerns, our  trainer is here to guide you every step of the way.

Contact us today to enroll your dog in our Day Training  Program and take the first step towards a harmonious  relationship with your beloved canine companion. Remember, a  well-trained dog is a joy to be around – for both you and your dog!

Unlock Your Dog’s Full Potential – Discover the Benefits of  Our Dog Training Columbia MD Program

At our Columbia, MD dog training center, we believe that every  dog has untapped potential waiting to be unleashed. That’s why  our Day Training Program with Daycare is designed not only to  address behavior issues but also to unleash the best version of  your beloved canine.

Why Choose Our Dog Training Columbia MD Program?

1. Tailored Training for Lasting Results:

Our certified trainers  understand that every dog is unique, which is why we tailor  our approach to suit your dog’s personality and learning style.  This personalized attention leads to more effective and lasting  results in a shorter time.

2. Convenience and Peace of Mind:

Life in Columbia, MD  can be hectic, but with our Day Training Program, you’ll have  the peace of mind that your furry companion is in safe hands.  While you go about your day, your dog will be engaged in  enriching training and socialization activities, all in a  supervised and caring environment.

3. Positive Reinforcement for a Happy Bond:

We believe in  building trust and a strong bond between you and your dog.  Our positive reinforcement-based training fosters a happy and  loving relationship, making training enjoyable for your furry  friend.

4. Addressing Specific Behavioral Concerns:

Whether your  dog needs to conquer separation anxiety, curb excessive  barking, or manage mild aggression, our expert trainers will  address these specific concerns with patience and expertise.

5. Confidence in Control:

As your dog masters obedience  commands, you’ll feel more confident and in control during  walks, outings, and everyday life situations.

6. Expert Guidance for Long-term Success:

Beyond the  training period, our trainers will equip you with the tools and  knowledge to maintain your dog’s newfound skills and  continue their development.

Invest in Your Dog's Future Today!

Don’t miss the opportunity to unlock your dog’s full potential. Our  Dog Training Columbia MD Program provides the foundation  for a well-behaved and happy companion for years to come. Join  our program and witness the positive transformation in your dog’s  behavior, making every moment with them even more rewarding.

Contact us now to embark on this transformative journey  with your furry companion. Let’s unleash their hidden brilliance  together!

Call us to set up a Free Training Evaluation!

We’ll create a custom training program just for you.

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Star BogenschutzStar Bogenschutz
13:54 14 Jul 23
Elisa is our go-to trainer for all things dog related. She helped us settle our rescue and fix his reactivity to dogs and males when we first got him. And when we got our new puppy, she was with us every step of the way with guidance and training sessions to help him become socialized to all environments and people and become a very well-behaved dog. We have used her for training and boarding and always know our dog is in the best hands. I highly recommend Raising K9 to all my friends, family, and all dog owners.
Josh ShelterJosh Shelter
13:40 14 Jul 23
Elisa is a wealth of knowledge, and really great in helping me train my 7 year old mutt. Can tell she really loves dogs and helping her clients connect with their dogs.
Megan StidhamMegan Stidham
21:22 07 Jul 23
Elisa is wonderful! Great trainer, even greater person! 100% recommend Raising K9!
Annie WeinschenkAnnie Weinschenk
01:36 10 Jul 22
Elisa is wonderful and I cannot recommend her enough. She helped me with my bernese mountain dog puppy. She is an expert in her field and if you trust the process you will have a perfect dog on your hands when you're done. She is accommodating and gives you all of the options available, plus she knows so much! She truly knows the ins and outs of dogs and how to lead them and direct them towards success. Her pricing was fantastic based on my research and you really get personalized care and attention. She truly loves dogs and wants all dogs to succeed. My dog also had a ton of stomach issues and Elisa listened and cared as well and gave sound advice that paid off as my dogs GI issues have cleared up quickly when we really thought nothing would work. If you want a well behaved dog and are in need of guidance and expertise please connect with Elisa. She will get you all on track!
Diane MoserDiane Moser
15:03 12 Apr 22
I have known Elisa for over a decade. Her dog training skills are excellent and she is always continuing her skills with training for herself. She not only trains the dogs but also educates their owners which helps create a great partnership and bond between owner and their dog.
Tammy LeiterTammy Leiter
22:38 06 Apr 22
I used Raising K-9 for training of both my dogs. Ms Elisa had my second dog from 10 weeks old. He went all the way through her program and he is a well behaved dog. My old boy needed some work and she undid all his bad habits. You can’t go wrong with choosing Raising K-9 for whatever training issues you have.
Iain FarranceIain Farrance
17:48 05 Apr 22
Elisa is a WONDERFUL dog trainer, for us and our family’s puppies.We have known Elisa for over 15 years. Elisa has trained 4 of our dogs. The 2 border collies and 2 bearded collies have not been easy dogs to train.The current pup-in-training is a young border collie girl, who is high energy, smart, and highly distracted by sights and sounds. Elisa is always quick to analyze training problems and make suggested training solutions that WORK!Best of all, Elisa is always friendly and kind when she’s training us humans to teach our canine companions!
Sarah VaydaSarah Vayda
22:04 28 Mar 22
We are so pleased with the results from our training with Elisa. Our puppy made such great strides in such a short period of time. Elisa was wonderful and answered all of our questions and helped us tremendously. She went above and beyond and you can tell she cares about you and your dog and having them be a great family member. We couldn’t be more grateful to her expertise.