Are you wondering, “What makes a great Doggy Daycare?”

As with previous topics in my series, it’s important that you take time to do a little homework before selecting your doggy daycare. The first step is to let your fingers do the walking when qualifying facilities – and after you have done your initial research, a physical tour can be invaluable.

How does the daycare look? Is the facility overcrowded with listless and lethargic dogs; does it smell of urine and feces? If you were a pup, would you like to be kept there? Folks often hear me say  “Everything travels in poo and pee, and cases of contagious Kennel Cough and Giardia can resurface regularly if a property is not kept clean.

At Club Pooche, we take all of this into consideration, and it shows. We take great pride in our  “home away from home for dogs, with its comfortable, yet professional, accommodations. You’ll find that Club Pooche is clean, well ventilated and has an outdoor exercise area. Our resident dogs are animated, excited and playful – that is, unless it’s time for them to take their regularly scheduled break in the penned rest area. We feel that our “furbabies” are a lot like children and benefit from consistent schedules and rest periods. Otherwise, they can get cranky and overtired.

And what about staff? Do they hang out in the lobby, just waiting for the 5 o’clock whistle, or do they engage and exercise with the animals? This is important – you want your animal to be calm and happy by the time he returns home from his adventures, right? Good socialization, guided by experienced handlers, generally helps to mellow a dog’s temperament.

For overnight and weekend boarders, is there an onsite caregiver at all times? In the event of a medical emergency, what are the facility’s policies and procedures? Do they have a vet that they regularly refer business to? What are the daycare facility’s associated services – do they also offer training and boarding? At Club Pooche, we put your mind at ease and have established protocols in place. We suggest that you give us a try.

Give me a call today at 410.730.2275, mention that you saw this post, and enjoy a free day of doggy daycare – on me! We think you’ll be pleased with your decision.

Elisa Kamens CPT

Certified Professional Dog Trainer


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