Raising K-9 professional dog training in Columbia, MD

Raising K-9 is your comprehensive dog training solution.

Our experienced trainer will help you find the perfect match for you and your canine companion, and provide techniques and solutions to help you achieve basic obedience, manners, restraint, focus, and socialization. With Raising K-9 Dog Training, both you and your dog can enjoy a better relationship with each other.

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Dog Training for dogs of all ages

Backed by the knowledge and experience of our trainers, our dog training tool box is full of training techniques and solutions. K-9 available to find the perfect match for you and your dog. All options work on basic obedience, manners, restraint, focus and socialization to help your favorite canine become a true home ambassador.

  • Even though it is called dog training, we call it people training for dogs
  • Raising K-9 Dog Training provides the opportunity to open a line of communication between owner and dog
  • Dog Training is mutually beneficial, for the dog and the owner
  • Training is a way of life, for the rest of your life. Your dog will LOVE you even more for it
  • Our integrative dog training techniques utilizes a variety of training tools that address all of the behaviors a dog exhibits.
  • Every dog and every owner is different, so we customize our dog training solutions to fit the individual needs of each of our clients.

Help your good dog become great!

  • Loose Leash Walking – no more lunging and reacting!
  • Sitting or lying down politely – no more jumping up on people!
  • Staying on a “place” – no more rushing the door, or counter surfing when you aren’t looking!
  • Polite behavior – even when guests arrive!
  • Socially appropriate behavior around other dogs, or people, in public

Note: No amount of training or work sessions by a professional will supersede what you teach your dog in everyday life. For this reason, a dog’s behavior and conduct is a responsibility that ultimately rests with the owner.

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What people are saying about us

I have known Elisa for over a decade. Her dog training skills are excellent and she is always continuing her skills with training for herself. She not only trains the dogs but also educates their owners which helps create a great partnership and bond between owner and their dog.


We are so pleased with the results from our training with Elisa. Our puppy made such great strides in such a short period of time. Elisa was wonderful and answered all of our questions and helped us tremendously. She went above and beyond and you can tell she cares about you and your dog and having them be a great family member. We couldn’t be more grateful to her expertise.


We want to thank you for the training you provided Bella. It exceeded our expectations. The results were amazing. Bella continues to learn and improve every day. Thanks again!

Dennis & Donna

Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value

Puppy training is great!


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