Benefits of Classical & Operant Conditioning – Training for You and Your Dog

At first, the topic of classical and operant conditioning in dog training might sound like an imposing or stuffy one, but a general understanding can be very helpful when selecting an adept dog trainer. It can mean the difference between a well-trained or an unruly animal. And training is mutually beneficial, for the dog as well as for the owner.

With dog behavior, it’s important to first learn how dogs think so that we can further understand, encourage or discourage behavior – and every pup is the product of his own varied environment. At Raising K9, we understand this, and our intuitive and observant trainers pick up on these respective nuances to deliver the appropriate stimulus or consequence and obtain desired results. We take years of dog behavior knowledge and experience, add in an extra measure of patience, and combine it with our shared love for your dog to create a custom program that fits your life and your dog.

Operant conditioning can also be used to train animals to work through difficult, uncomfortable, or distracting experiences, such as those with loud events like fireworks, or conflicts with other animals.

At Raising K9, it’s our goal to help your good dog to become great.

We specialize in:

  • Loose Leash Walking – no more lunging and reacting
  • Sitting or lying down politely – no more jumping up on people
  • Staying on a place – no more rushing the door, or counter surfing when you are not looking
  • Polite behavior – even when guests arrive
  • Socially appropriate behavior around other dogs, or people, in public

Our established classes include:

  • Puppy Preschool
  • Puppy Reinforcement
  • Puppy Kindergarten
  • Day Training
  • Private Lessons
  • Board & Train

In addition, we can customize a program just for you!

As owner/founder of Raising K9, I’m a Professional Dog Handler and Obedience Instructor CPT, extensively trained in both operant and classical conditioning. I strategically coordinate and oversee all training efforts with dogs in our program, to ensure your complete satisfaction.

If you have questions about the care or training of your dog, give me a call at 410.868.2275 and I’ll be happy to help you out!

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