Prevent against Infectious Giardia Trophozoite & Kennel Cough

As you’ve heard me mention before,  “Everything travels in poo and pee, and infections such as Kennel Cough and Giardia resurface regularly where facilities are not clean. That is why, at Club Pooche, we’ve chosen to cover our 2200 sq. ft. dog daycare play areas with K9 Grass. The matting is specifically designed for dogs and is much easier on their paws than the concrete that can be found at lesser facilities. It has a special mesh backing, with Flow-Thru technology, ensuring the best drainage possible. An antimicrobial is incorporated into the grass blades, reducing the growth of microorganisms and the development of odor.

Additionally, we’ve installed a Spray Master Technologies (SMT) sanitation system. This system, along with the K9 Grass, our state-of-the-art stainless steel Trench Drain system, and proper ventilation gives us the cleanest, safest, and most reliable odor-free environment possible.

Another serious concern for dogs is kennel cough, caused by a variety of contributing infectious agents and microorganisms, including, canine adenovirus, Bordetella bronchiseptica bacteria, parainfluenza virus, and mycoplasma. Alone or in combination, any of these organisms can cause the symptoms of this disease, although infections with multiple organisms will cause the most severe symptoms.

To diagnose, your veterinarian may order blood tests, a urinalysis, fecal examinations, bacterial cultures, and chest x-rays. Treatment will depend upon the severity of the infection. Dogs that have been diagnosed for either giardia or kennel cough should be isolated until they are better and no longer contagious. Dogs that frequent daycare or dog parks should be immunized. Through the years, we’ve acquired quite a bit of knowledge about how to prevent outbreaks. We’d love to give you a tour of our facility to demonstrate how effective our methods are. Give me a call at 410.730.2275, and I’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have!

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