So, you’re thinking about adopting a puppy?

Congratulations, we’re very excited for you!

Dog ownership, especially with a young puppy, is great for both physical and emotional health – and it’s generally a very wholesome experience for families, when teaching children about responsibilities, dedication, and loyalty. Many wonderful life-lessons begin with the iconic first family pet.

But before you fall in love with that first little cuddly, bouncing-bundle-of-fur that you see, it’s important to do your homework and take a bit of time to assess your family’s needs. Are you a single parent, young family, or established household with rules and routines? Will the pet be your  “one and only, or are there other pets in the home already? Are you looking for a  “wash & wear” low-maintenance breed?

When working with dog owners, I advise that with your new puppy, you will put in ¼ of the effort for 4 times the result, whereas with an adult pet, you will put in 4 times the effort to get ¼ the results. It really pays to invest time in training when your pet is young. No amount of training or work by a professional will supersede what you teach your dog in everyday life. For this reason, a dog’s behavior and conduct is a responsibility that ultimately rests with the owner. When adopting a new pet, you will have more opportunity to guide the education of your puppy than an older dog.

At Club Pooche, we also recommend that families consult to learn about established breeds, as well as the dog that is available for rescue. It’s wise to narrow your selection down to just those that fit your needs, then narrow your selection again. Without doubt, a pet dog can enrich your life for many years and it’s worthwhile to take time to learn about your options and make an informed decision.

Do you have questions about puppy prospects or breeds that you’d like to talk about? Give me a call and I’ll be happy to answer your questions! You can reach me at 410.730.2275.

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