Training and your puppy, 8-16 weeks old

There she is – adorable, and timidly bounding with love and energy. She looks you in the eye and you are her everything – quite literally. But from Day 1, consistent and continuous puppy training is essential. Think of it as an investment in your well-behaved pet. Now is the time to set her up with important practices, and a schedule, that will benefit her (and you) for a lifetime. It will give you both peace of mind and confidence in your ongoing relationship.

If you think about it, your precious pup was taken from her litter at the tender age of about 8 weeks, before she could learn about relating with siblings, behavior, or socialization. She will look to you, adoringly, as her adopted mentor, to guide her and teach her right from wrong. A trusted dog care professional can be an invaluable resource for guidance in learning about how to work through puppy issues such as structured socialization, crate training, chewing, messes and obedience training.

We’ve got two special classes, designed specifically for this period in your dogs life:

Puppy Preschool (for puppies, 8-16 weeks)

  • Socialization, manners, crate training, grooming exposure (nails, brushing, etc.), and potty training reinforcement.
  • One 3-hour session with parent participation

Puppy Reinforcement (For puppies 10-14 weeks old)

  • Reinforcement of puppy potty training, manners, and socialization.
  • 3 weeks (5 days/ week); Includes daycare

With a puppy, you put in ¼ of the effort for 4 times the result, whereas for an adult pet, you will put in 4 times the effort to get ¼ the results. It really does pay to invest time in training when your pet is young. No amount of training or work sessions by a professional will supersede what you teach your dog in everyday life. Give me a call at 410.868.2275 and I’ll be happy to reserve your space in the next training session.

It’s not rocket science, but continuity, consistency and dependability builds trust. Through this you will win her total devotion.

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